Tickled Pink - Upload Logo

Navigate to Appearance>Header. Select the browse button and upload your logo.

For best results, your logo should be sized at 900px wide by 420px high before you upload. The logo in the  Tickled Pink theme is set for Retina quality, so you will be loading your logo at double the resolution and it will be sized down to 450px wide by 210px high.

How to center the logo

Navigate to Appearance>Editor and look for .title-area in the style.css file. Change the width: 510px; to width: 100%;.

Next if you need to adjust the padding on the top and bottom to push it down or create less space, you’ll look for .header-image .site-header .wrap and adjust the padding: 100px 0 100px; to what you need. The first 100px is the space above the logo and the second 100px is the space below it.