Novelty - Home Page Setup

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Home Page At a Glance

The home page is comprised of 3 widget areas:

  • Home Slider Overlay
  • Widget Above Content
  • Home Flexible

Here is an overview of all the widget areas and what widgets will go in them:

Home Slider Overlay

See here for the plugin setup instructions for this area.

Below is the code to add a button to this widget space:

Widget Above Content

For detailed instructions on setting up the Genesis Enews Extended widget, see this.

Home Flexible

Here is an example of what is shown in the theme demo.  However, you can choose to add text widgets, featured pages, or anything that fits your needs!

Here is the view within the Genesis Author Pro widget.  See this page for setup instructions for the Genesis Author Pro plugin.

Here is the view within the Genesis - Featured Page widget.

This entire space is flexible and will reformat depending on the number of widgets placed into this space.  Here is a chart of how things will format based on the amount of widgets you place.