Dazzling - Home Page Setup

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Home Page at a Glance

The home page is comprised of 5 widget areas:

  • Front Page 1
  • Front Page 2
  • Front Page 3
  • Widget Above Content
  • Widget Above Footer

Here is an overview of all the widget areas and the widgets that go in them:

Front Page 1

The Front Page sections are all set up as flexible widget spaces. All of the first widgets will extend full width across the page to use as headings. 

The Front Page 1 area has a different flexible layout than the other front page areas. See  THIS ARTICLE for layout examples.

The  Front Page 1 area is the very top section of the site.

In this section, the first TEXT widget is completely blank simply for the purpose of aligning the widgets properly. A title can be added a title in this section if desired. The other three boxes are configured as follows:

The First  Genesis Featured Posts Widget:

The Second  Genesis Featured Posts Widget:

Front Page 2

In the demo, Front Page 2 displays Featured Products from the Shop. The widget spaces are configured as shown below.

If you are not using WooCommerce, this widget area can be left blank.

Front Page 3

The Front Page 3 widget area displays featured pages, as shown below.

A breakdown of what those featured page widgets look like:

Widget Above Content

The Widget Above Content area appears at the top of all pages. The Genesis eNews Extended plugin is applied here.

Widget Above Footer

The Widget Above Footer area displays the Instagram Feed as shown below.

The breakdown of what the Instagram section looks like:
(for information on how to set up your Instagram Feed widget for the sidebar, see here)