Cultivate - Home Page Setup

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Home Page at a Glance

The home page is comprised of 3 widget areas:

  • Front Page 1
  • Front Page 2
  • Front Page 3

Here is an overview of all the widget areas and what widgets go in them:

How to Add a Front Page Image

Navigate to Appearance > Customize, and select "Front Page Image." The recommended image size is 3200px x 1200px (for crisp retina quality).

Please note: This image on mobile will only show the middle portion of the image so that it can keep it's height so there is enough space for the text over the top of the image.

Front Page Widgets

The Front Page widgets will display as shown below on the demo. Explanations for each Front Page widget area are after the image.

Front Page 1

The Front Page 1 widget is a text widget which overlays the Front Page Image (the image of the girl).

Here is the code you can copy and paste into your widget:

Front Page 2

The Front Page 2 widget is a Flexible widget, which means that the areas will automatically size to fill the width. More information on Flexible Widget Spaces can be found below. In this widget area, the first TEXT widget is completely blank simply for the purpose of aligning the widgets properly. You can include a title in this widget if desired. The second widget area is a text widget, while the third and fourth widgets are Genesis Featured Page widgets which link to specific pages. These are configured as follows:

Front Page 3

The Front Page 3 Widget area is setup similarly to Front Page 2. The first Text widget is used as placeholder. In this instance we have added the Title. The remaining widgets are Genesis Featured Page widgets.

Front Page Flexible Widget Spaces

Front Page widget spaces are “flexible,” designed to resize automatically depending on the number of widgets in that particular section.

In the  Cultivate theme, Front page 2 and Front Page 3 widgets are flexible, and will configure as follows: