Bloom - Home Page Setup

If this is a brand new site, please begin with the Quick Start Guide.

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Home Page at a Glance

Home- Full Width Slider

See this for the full instructions on setting this up.

Home- Top Left

This space is left blank by default, but if you'd prefer to have a slider to the left and a little bio to the right, you'll place the same widget from the  Home- Full Width Slider widget space into this space instead.

You'll also navigate to Soliloquy and choose the slider you've created and select the Config tag.  You'll set the slider dimensions at 740x450.

Home- Top Right

This space is left blank by default, but if you'll be using the Home- Top Left widget space you'll want to add something here.  Typically you can add your Genesis User Profile, or a TEXT widget with your own welcome note.

Home- Middle

Home- Bottom Left

Home- Bottom Middle

Home- Bottom Right

Home- Featured