Splendor - How to add Amazon Kindle Product

The Author home page option includes an Amazon Kindle product block. This tutorial shows how to add this to your site.

NOTE: This only works for Amazon Kindle products, not physical books. However, once the reader clicks through, if a physical product is available, they can choose that option.

STEP 1: 

Navigate to Amazon, search for the book and select the Kindle option.
To the right, under the purchase options, is an <embed> link. Click on this link.

A new window will pop-up:

If you have an Amazon Affiliate ID, you can click on the blue Add/Confirm link and insert your ID number.

Copy the URL link.

STEP 2: 

Navigate to your WordPress Page Editor.

Add a new Amazon Kindle Block. This is available in the basic blocks section or you can search 'Amazon' in the blocks search field.

Paste the URL copied from Amazon in the "Enter URL to embed here..." field.
Click "Embed".

That's it!

You can build it as a stand-alone block, or if you'd like to have several side-by-side, you can add multiple blocks in an AB container block.