How do I add a new user for Restored 316?

When we are providing support for your site, we will often ask for your login information so we can take a closer look at the problem. We'd prefer that you create a new user for us so you're not having to pass us your main login information.  Additionally, if you'd like to add additional authors to your site, this is how you'll do that as well!

First, make sure you're logged into your WordPress Dashboard.  Next, navigate to Users > Add New.

Once there, you'll see a section on the screen that looks like this:

You'll give your new User a Username, put in an email, and you can choose to complete the remaining fields or not.

You can choose whether to have WordPress send them a notification where the user will ultimately set their own password, or if you'd like to set the password and pass that on to them personally.

For the Role, you can see this article from WordPress that explains the different levels of users so you know what your new user will have access to. 

Adding a user for our support?

  • Please make sure the Username is set to Restored316
  • Please use for the email address
  • Please make certain the Role is set to Administrator