Sprinkle Pro - How to edit the sprinkles

How to remove the sprinkles from the header

Navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor and look for the follow snippet of code:

You'll remove this entire section and save your file.  The Sprinkles will now be gone!

How to change the color of the sprinkles

Open the theme files and navigate to the Images folder, then the PSD folder.  You'll see a file labeled header.psd.  You can open this file with Photoshop and edit the colors of all the dots.  You'll see 5 layers within this file and if you double click on the little icon of each layer, a color panel will come up and you can easily change the colors right there!

Once you've decided on the color scheme you're going with, you'll navigate to File > Export > Save for Web, and you'll choose the PNG option so that you can have a transparent background.  Name your file header.png.

Next you'll go to your File Manager within your CPanel and navigate to WP-Content > Themes > Restored 316 Sprinkle Pro > Images and you'll upload your new header.png file and agree to override the original file that is there.  Once you clear your cache and refresh your screen, the new colored sprinkles will appear!