Sprinkle Pro - Custom Instagram Page Setup

The Instagram page displays widgets with whatever content you'd like to show to your Instagram followers.

Here is how to set this page up:

  • Navigate to  Pages > Add New
  • Give your new page a name - something like Instagram. 
  • On the right under the Page Attributes panel, you’ll see the Template drop down. 

  • Select Instagram from the drop down. 
  • Publish the page. 

Next you'll place the widgets that you like to appear on this page under Apppearance > Widgets > Custom Instagram Page.

Note: If you are building a new site and have gone through the Widget Import step, these widgets will already be in place.

The Sprinkle Pro demo is setup as follows:

An example of the Sprinkle Pro demo Instagram page is shown below or can be seen live right here.

After this page is set up, you will update the link in your Instagram profile to this new link! You can then edit the widgets, links, etc at any time from the comfort of your own WordPress dashboard!