Sprinkle Pro - Slider/Video Setup

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Genesis Responsive Slider

This theme uses the Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin, which can be obtained here or by searching in Plugins > Add New.

Note: If you are building a new site and have gone through the Widget Import step, this widget will already be in place. We do recommend that you go through this tutorial to become familiar with the placement, format and capabilities of this widget, as well as the alternative options available below.

  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Configure the slider settings (Genesis > Slider Settings) as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag a Genesis - Responsive Slider widget to the Home Slider/Video area.

If at any time you're having trouble getting these settings to match, you can click the Reset Settings option and the settings will be automatically set for you.

Soliloquy Lite Slider

If you'd like to have more control over the images in your slider, another option for your slider would be to use the Soliloquy Lite plugin.  This plugin can be obtained here or by searching in Plugins > Add New.

  • Install and activate the plugin
  • Create a new slider (Soliloquy > Add New). Configure your new slider by giving it a name and uploading images.
  • You'll want to select the Config tab and be sure your measurements match the screenshot below.

  • Navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag a Custom HTML widget to the Home Slider/Video widget space and paste the Soliloquy ID Shortcode provided by the new slider you've just created.


If you'd like to place a video in this space, this option is also available.  Here is a video that explains how to do that: