How do I change the page layout?

You are able to choose the page layout you'd like to have across your site either to cover the entire site, or you can choose on a per page basis.  The layout options you have available are:

Choose for your entire site

In order to choose the layout option you'd like that covers the entirety of your site, navigate to Genesis > Theme Settings > Layout Settings and select the option from the drop-down.

Please note that in some of our themes we force a specific layout option on the home page occasionally for structural reasons.  If you are making changes here that aren't affecting your home page or a custom page template on your site, it's because it's been forced to appear that way.

Choose per page or post

If you'd like to have most of your site one layout but you'd like a specific page or post to appear differently, you can do that as well.  A great example of this is you want all your blog posts to have the content/sidebar format, but you want some of your pages to be full width.  You can see this displayed through our own site.

To do this, navigate to PAGES/POSTS > EDIT the page/post you'd like to change.  Once there, click on the Genesis icon at top right. The Layout option will appear in the sidebar. Select your preference for that individual page/post.