4. Add your shop (optional)

Install WooCommerce

The first step in setting up your shop is to install the  WooCommerce plugin.  This is a free plugin that will add a shop to your site.

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Use the search in the top right and type in WooCommerce.
  3. The plugin will populate and you'll click on the "Install" button.
  4. Once it's installed, that button will change to Activate.  Click on the "Activate" button.

If you see the notification below, don't worry -- once you complete the next two steps of going through the WooCommerce Setup Guide and then adding the Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin, this notification will disappear:

Go through the WooCommerce setup guide

Once the WooCommerce plugin is activated, the WooCommerce Setup Wizard will populate. This setup is incredibly important so go ahead and complete these steps right then and there.  If you don't set this up right away you'll notice some odd things happening with your site, so I reiterate.. this is important!

  • Page Setup -  This will automatically create and set the shop page, checkout page, account page, and cart page.  
  • Store Locale - This sets up the shop for your state so it knows where you're located and how to calculate the tax in the next screen.
  • Shipping & Tax - This allows you to set the shipping rates and tax information
  • Payments - This allows you to set up the primary methods of payment.  Most customers use PayPal here.
  • Ready - You're all set with your new shop!

Install Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

Next you'll need to install the  Genesis Connect for WooCommerce plugin.  Without this plugin you'll start seeing your sidebars appear below your content which isn't what we want.  We just need this plugin installed and active (there is no setup) so that Genesis and WooCommerce will play nice together.

  1. Navigate to Plugins>Add New
  2. Use the search in the top right and type in Genesis Connect for WooCommerce
  3. The plugin will pop up there and you'll hit the Install button
  4. Once it's installed, that button will change to Activate.  Hit the button to activate.

Set your product image sizes

At this point your shop is all installed and ready to go!  We just want to make sure that our images sizes are set properly so that when we begin adding products the image sizes will all look the way we want. 

You'll refer to the Image Sizes, Colors, & Fonts document for your specific theme that will tell you exactly what the dimensions are of the images in our theme demos.  

To edit the sizes, go to WooCommerce> Settings > Products > Display and you'll see the option at the bottom of this page to update your image sizes.

Now it's time to add your products

At this point you're ready to go in and begin adding your new products!  You'll do this under Products > Add New!

Happy Selling!

PLEASE NOTE: While our themes are pre-styled to work with WooCommerce, we offer no support for the plugin itself beyond the installation instructions above since it wasn’t developed by us. Should you need further support for WooCommerce please visit here.

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