Refined - Testimonials Setup

This theme uses the Strong Testimonials plugin in the  Front Page 5 section, which can be obtained here or by searching in Dashboard>Plugins>Add New

Once installed there will be a Testimonials option on the left in your WordPress dashboard.  

Add Testimonials

To add a new testimonial, navigate to Testimonials > Add New.
Enter the name in the top field and the text in the body field. Publish the testimonial.

Create a View

On the sidebar, click Testimonials > View.

Click Add New at the top.

Give it a name, e.g., Home Page

Match all settings as shown below (please note that it is not necessary to upgrade the plugin for use in the Refined theme):

Click "Save Changes."

Add Testimonials to Homepage

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets > Front Page 5.

Add a "Strong Testimonials View" widget.

Select the View you created and Save.

Detailed documentation can be found directly from the plugin developer here: Strong Testimonials Documentation.