Refined - How to use the Icons on the Home Page

All of the icons used in the Refined theme are from IonIcons. You can view the full gallery to choose your icons here. Once you’re on the IonIcons website, just click on the image that you want to use and they will give you the code to copy and paste into the code above.

See the video below to get the code to use in the widget.


If you are having trouble with your icons appearing, you'll want to do the following.

Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Header/Footer Script and copy/paste the code into the Footer Script. Click "Publish" at the top.

If you'd like to customize the color of the icons, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and copy/paste the code below, changing the color hex value to your preference. The color provided in the code below is the default "gold" that is used through the Refined theme.