6. Personalize Your Site

It's time to add your own personal touches to your site, including your custom logo, if you are using one, customizing colors, setting up your navigation menus, etc.

Navigation Menu

You'll want to go back through and edit your navigation menu(s) to be sure you have all the proper links there for your individual website.  For detailed instructions on how to set up the navigation menu, see this video tutorial.

Customize Widgets

You'll want to navigate to Appearance > Widgets and go through EVERY widget in every single space listed.  You've imported all the widgets from the demo site at this point, but you'll go back through and set the correct categories, text, titles, etc for each of these widgets to be unique for your site.

Set Featured Images

Chances are at this point, you likely have a few spaces on your site needing some images, so you'll want to be sure to set a featured image for your Pages and your Posts.  For detailed instructions on how to set your featured images, see this video tutorial.

Check your WordPress Settings

You'll want to double check that all your settings are set correctly!  See this post for all the specific things to check.

Theme Documentation

After all these things are complete, you'll want to navigate to your specific theme documents in case you need answers to anything specific pertaining your theme. 

Theme Documentation

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