Market - How to Use the Image Banner in the Navigation Menu

The  Market demo theme has a “Visit our Shop” banner on the far right side of the navigation menu.

Your theme file also contains a pre-designed banner for Read the Blog, View your Cart, Most Popular and Connect with Me (psd files for these are also included). 

To use these banners, Navigate to Appearance > Menus, make sure that your CSS classes are enabled in the Screen Options section at the top of the page. 

Then you’ll add a the corresponding class to the CSS class on the last menu item. Adding the CSS Class automatically installs the image

The classes for each of the sections are:

  • blog right
  • cart right
  • connect right
  • popular right
  • shop right

NOTE: The flag banner is a desktop feature designed and styled to sit outside the content area so that it can be "fixed" when scrolling. Since smaller devices generally do not have extra margin to the left/right of the content area, the flag will not display on tablets or mobile devices.