Dainty - Slider Setup

This theme uses the Soliloquy Lite plugin, which can be obtained here or by searching in
Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

You do not need to upgrade to the Pro version of this plugin to use it as shown in our demo.  However, you are more than welcome to purchase it if you’d like access to more of it’s features.

Install and activate the plugin. 

Give your new slider a name then click the Config tab and use the settings from the screenshot below.

Add your images under the Images tab.

Add a Text Widget to the Home Slider widget area and paste in your unique shortcode from the slider you created.

If you’re more familiar with the Genesis Responsive Slider plugin, Dainty has also been configured to work with this plugin as well. The Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin can be obtained here or by searching in Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

Install and activate the plugin.

Configure the slider settings ( Dashboard > Genesis > Slider Settings) and set your dimensions to 855 x 475.

Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and drag a Genesis-Responsive Slider widget to the Home Slider widget area.