How to I Create a Separate Sidebar for Shop Pages?

  1. You'll need the WooSidebars plugin in order to do this. You can download that here or by doing a search for Plugins > Add New > and Search for WooSidebars.
  2. Once you Install and Activate that, navigation to Appearance > Widget Areas. (Note: This will only show up with the WooSidebars plugin installed and activated.)
  3. Click on ADD NEW at the top and give your Sidebar a name. Since this is the sidebar specifically associated with the Shop section, we named it Shop Sidebar.
  4. Once you do that, you’ll be taken to a new screen. First you’ll need to choose which sidebar to replace. For this purpose we are replacing the Primary Sidebar with the new sidebar.
  5.  Next, Click on the Advanced Tab in the right corner.

  6. In the Pages section you’ll choose which pages you want to use this sidebar on. We have ours setup to display on the Cart page and the Checkout page.

  7. Next, click over to the Template Hierarchy settings in this same screen and configure it as follows.

  8. Finally, Click over to the Woo Commerce Tab and configure it accordingly:

Once you do all of that just hit save! You’ll see the new sidebar area in your Widget section. Configure it the same way you would your Primary Sidebar by dragging and dropping your Widgets.