Style - Home Page Setup

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Home Page at a Glance

The home page is comprised of 7 widget areas:

  • Widget Above Content
  • Front Page 1
  • Front Page 2
  • Front Page 3
  • Front Page 4
  • Front Page 5
  • Front Page 6

Here is an overview of all the widget areas and what widgets will go in them:

Widget Above Content

This is the newsletter widget that appears at the top and then, as you scroll down the page, remains sticky at the bottom of the site.

Front Page 1

Front Page 2

All 3 widgets in this space are set up identically asside for the Title and the Page

Front Page 3

This theme uses the Testimonial Rotator plugin, which can be obtained here or by searching in Dashboard>Plugins>Add New. 

Once installed you’ll have a new Testimonials tab on the left in your WordPress dashboard. You’ll add all your testimonials there and then configure the widget as you see below.

Front Page 4

Front Page 5

See this for using the columns classes.

Here is the code to copy and paste for this widget:

Front Page 6

By default, this section is empty in our theme demo, but is another space that can be used if needed.

How do I use the flexible spaces on the homepage?

Each Front Page widget space is completely flexible and will reformat depending on the number of widgets placed into this space. Here is a chart of how things will format based on the amount of widgets you place.