Sprinkle - Home Page Setup

If this is a brand new site, please begin with the Quick Start Guide.

Quick Links

Home Page at a Glance

The home page is comprised of 6 widget areas:

  • Home Slider
  • Home CTA
  • Home Middle Left
  • Home Middle Middle
  • Home Middle Right
  • Home Featured

Here is an overview of all the widget areas and what widgets will go in them:

Home Slider

For information on how to set up your slider for this theme, see here.

Home CTA (call to action)

For detailed instructions on setting up the Genesis Enews Extended plugin, see this.

For detailed instructions on setting up the Simple Social Icons, see this.

Home Middle Sections

All of these widgets ( Home Middle Left, Home Middle Middle, and Home Middle Right) will be configured exactly the same with the exception of the name of the page.

To use the images like you see in the demo, you’ll want to unzip your original theme download file (for information on how unzip a file, see here). From there, go to the Images folder and select the color scheme you’re using. Inside, you’ll see pre-designed images for the pages we are using in the demo theme.

For more detailed instructions on how to set your featured images, see this.

Home Featured

Display Full Blog Posts

To display full blog posts and sidebar content, do not add any widgets to this area.

Display Grid Blog Posts

To display the grid blog posts format, add a Genesis Featured Post widget and configure like you see below:

Display Nothing under Top Block

To display nothing below the Top Section, simply add a BLANK text widget to this section and save.