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Quick Links

Header Right

By default, this widget space is empty. A navigation menu can be added here , positioned to the right of the. Here is what it would look like:

You’ll just add a Custom Menu widget to the Header Right widget space, and choose your navigation menu from the drop down.

Primary Sidebar

Sidebar Split Left & Right

The sidebar uses 4 different widget areas in order to make the split sidebars operate.

  • Primary Sidebar- Everything above the split.
  • Sidebar Split Left
  • Sidebar Split Right
  • Sidebar Split Bottom- Everything below the split.

Essentially your sidebars, if you use all four of them, would look like this:

Sidebar Split Bottom

Widget Above Footer

This is what it looks like on our demo site…

And this is how you can configure it on your own…

Nav. Social Menu

To add your social media icons to the top navigation of your site, you’ll place a Simple Social Icons widget into the Nav Social Menu widget space.

Footer Widgets

After Entry Widget

This space is available below your individual blog posts. Typically this is used to place a newsletter subscription box, or an ad.

For detailed instructions on setting  up your Genesis Enews Extended plugin, see this.

If you’d like to place an ad here, you’ll add a TEXT widget to the After Entry widget space, and place the code within that box from your ad company.