Dainty - Home Page Setup

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Home Page at a Glance

The home page is comprised of 2 widget areas:

  • Home Slider
  • Home Flexible

Here is an overview of all the widget areas and what widgets will go in them:

Home Slider

For more information on setting up the slider, see this.

Home Flexible

Both widgets in this space are set up the same way.  Select a different page for each.

One of our favorite aspects of this theme is the ability to create a fully flexible widget area. This theme adjusts the homepage widgets according to size so that images can be added without worrying about them becoming distorted. Each image, no matter how many or how few, is directly proportioned to fit evenly across this particular section.

See  this tutorial on how to set the featured images.

This entire space is flexible and will reformat depending on the number of widgets placed into this space.  Here is a chart of how things will format based on the amount of widgets you place.

Keep in mind when you’re working with this particular section of your site, that if you opt for a full width layout rather than a sidebar layout that you can expect the image sizes to be larger. Depending on how you prefer to style this section, you can also adjust and change the images sizes in the dropdown box.