Tasteful - Home Page Setup

If this is a brand new site, please begin with the Quick Start Guide.


The home page is comprised of 5 widget areas:

Home Page At a Glance

Here is an overview of all the widget areas and what widgets will go in them:

Home Slider

For details on how to set up the  Tasteful slider, see here.

Home Top

Here’s an overview of the  Home Top area:

And a further breakdown of what these two sections look like:

You’ll want to insert this bit of code into a text box to set up the Read More from the Blog link:

<a href="#">Read More from the Blog</a>

Replace the # symbol with your own blog link. For information on how to create a blog page, see here.

Home Middle Left

Home Middle Right

Home Bottom

You can add as many of these widgets as you want at the bottom of your home page. The demo shows two featuring two different categories, but you aren’t limited to only two.

Please NOTE: The Tasteful theme is NOT built to use the Genesis Featured Amplified plugin. If you’re using this plugin, I recommend deactivating, deleting, and then setting up your widgets with the settings you see above using the Genesis default Genesis Featured Posts widget.