Divine - How to Fix the Featured Posts or Archives Alignment

Run the regenerate thumbnails plugin.

Whenever you install a new theme, each theme has pre-set image dimensions so that they fit within the aspects of the theme widget areas. Whenever you install a new theme, you will want to run this plugin to automatically resize your images. If that doesn’t work…

Check to make sure your images are large enough.

The dimensions for each of the image sizes can be found here. While the regenerate thumbnails plugin works, it’s not magic and can not resize images that aren’t large enough to resize. An image meant to be 400 x 400 that is uploaded at 379 x 379 will not and can not be enlarged to suit the sizing. It is  vitally important that you make sure that you are uploading images that are large enough in order for them to work. If your images are the proper size and they still aren’t lining up, the next step would be to…

Adjust the Minimum Height in your Stylesheet.

The Home Triple Bottom widget area is the one that seems to give most people trouble. If you see that you’re having an issue, you’ll see a section in your stylesheet under the  .home-triple-bottom .featured-content .entry that has a set minimum height. You’ll adjust that to enlarge it (or shrink it if your images are smaller) to get your images to line up. If that’s still an issue after you’ve tried all of these steps, be sure to contact us or submit a support ticket.