How do I add an author box to my site?

Using the author box function is a great way to create continuous linking throughout your blog and to drive traffic to other parts of your site. It’s also a highly effective way to differentiate between authors for sites who have multiple writers.

Set up your gravatar image

First you’ll need to create a Gravatar account if you don’t already have one. You can read a full tutorial on our blog on how to set that up. Once you do that, you’ve officially added the image to your site.

Turn on the Author Box

Next, navigate to Users>Your Profile and scroll down until you see Author Archive Settings section.  Make sure you check mark this box.

Complete your Bio

Now you'll just want to complete your own bio.  If you scroll up just a bit to the About Yourself section, you'll see a box for your Biographical Info.

Now be sure to hit save and you're all set!