How do I rule out a plugin conflict?

Plugins are amazing.. however too many of them can start to cause some trouble on your site! If you’re having an issue that you suspect is a plugin issue or you’ve been instructed by our team, here are the steps for ruling out a plugin conflict:

  1. Navigate to Plugins>Installed Plugins
  2. Click on the blue link at the top that says Active.
  3. Click the checkbox at the very top and this should check mark every plugin you currently have installed.
  4. Now where you see Bulk Actions, choose Deactivate from the list and then apply.  This will turn every single plugin that you have off.
  5. Once everything is turned off, be sure to clear your browsers cache and go refresh your site.  You're checking to see if the problem you had is still happening.  Some of the plugins you may have just turned off accommodate some pieces of your site, so those pieces might be missing for a moment.  Don't worry.. they will come back in a moment.
  6. If after you turned all the plugins off, your problem resolved, begin turning each plugin back on one by one while you refresh your site a few times between each one until you find the plugin that causes the issue again. You will need to clear cache each time you re-active a plugin.

If that did NOT correct your issue, go ahead and turn all your plugins back on and then contact our support team.