Farmhouse - THEME UPDATE February 2021

UPDATE issued February 16, 2021

For Farmhouse purchases made PRIOR to February 16th, please UPDATE your theme. 

For Farmhouse purchases made ON OR AFTER February 16th, you do NOT need to update your theme.

This update fixes:

  • the sub-menu issue
  • the mobile alignment issue

NOTE: This theme is already optimized for Google Core Web Vitals.

You can login to your account and download a fresh copy of the theme files.

NOTE: Please read the FAQs below before proceeding.

To update:

  1. Navigate to Appearance>Themes
  2. Click Add New at the top
  3. Select the new files you just downloaded
  4. Upload and it will give you a screen asking if you want to override.. yes you want to override!
  5. Activate!
  6. You're done!


Will this affect any of our customizations?

If you have made changes directly in your theme files then yes. You can use a site like diffnow.con to compare your current and new files so you can reimplement those changes.

If you've made changes to the padding in blocks, etc, those changes will remain.
However, you will NOT want to re-import the content when re-installing the theme.
Do NOT click "install pack". 

Do your provide a theme update service?

We do! You can purchase it here: THEME UPDATE SERVICE.
After you've placed the order please complete this form: THEME UPDATE FORM.