My images are not sized they way they are in the demo. How can I fix this?

Why is this happening?

This is because the theme you had before likely didn’t call for this particular image size. All our themes come with different and unique image dimensions pre-programmed in so the images look nice and orderly within each space on the site.

How do I fix?

The fix is to install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin found here. Once installed and activated, navigate to TOOLS>REGEN. THUMBNAILS and hit the “Regenerate All Thumbnails” button and let it run until it reaches 100%.

If you have a LOT of images on your site, this process could take a few hours to complete.  I always recommend that you hit the button in the evening and just leave your computer on and let it run.  This page has to stay up the entire time for it to complete, so be sure you don’t X out of it until it completes.