Latest information about Updates

Last updated: 10/21/21

  • Kadence Theme 1.1.8 - You can safely update.
  • Kadence Blocks 2.2.15 - You can safely update.
  • Genesis 3.3.5 - You can safely update.
  • WordPress 5.8.1 - You can safely update.
  • WooCommerce 5.6.0 - You can safely update. 

Recommendations for updating:

  1. If an update is available in your dashboard that has two numbers in the update version - example 5.6 - we recommend holding off on these updates.  These updates are typically larger and have more of a likelihood of encountering issues.  We recommend waiting until the next release is available - example 5.6.1 - that is generally released not long after the two digital update.  This update will have any bug fixes in it that were encountered in the first large update.
  2. Always always take a backup of your site!!  Don't do any major updates on your site without taking a backup first! Here is how to backup your site!
  3. If your host has automatic updates turned on, we recommend disabling this!  If you're not sure how to do this, contact your host and they will help!

Links that you may find helpful:

We will update this page often with new information regarding updates or any information you'll need to know.  Please check here before you update anything major on your website!