Glamour - How to Add the Block Sidebar to a Page

The Glamour theme displays the Block Sidebar on home page options 1 & 2 by default.

To add a sidebar to any page with a Full Width Content Layout, first you'll set the items you want to display in Appearance > Widgets > Block Sidebar widget area. The demo widget is shown below:

Then add the sidebar to the page by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the page editor.

2. Add an AB Advanced Columns Block and select the option for 2 columns:

3. Select the option for 2 Columns - 75/25:

4. Insert a block of your choice in the left column (for demo purposes, I added a paragraph block):

5. Click the + on the far right and add a Shortcode Block.

6. Enter the following shortcode into the block field:

[get_sidebar id='block-sidebar']